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Birthdate:Dec 22
Location:YEG, AB, Canada
I'm that nerdy girl in Engineering that does nerdy stuff. Like read comics.

I'll just give it to you straight: I'm a 20-year old engineering student in Canada that loves winter. Ethnically South Asian, lover of layers, terrible procrastinator, and food enthusiast. So now you've got my age, nationality and ethnicity. Which I think are the basics when dealing with people you can't see. So if you feel like, drop a line and tell me about yourself. I don't want to run off my mouth and accidentally insult you when cracking a bad joke.

My main hub is my LiveJournal. Or so I try. It's somwhat full of drama, but also updates and thoughts about this and that. I get distracted however, by Twitter which allows me to be fragmented and incoherent while Tumblr lets me by lazy and just reblog images. So those deter me pretty well. Also, I have a DreamWidth and a VOX blog. They're mostly defunct but if you want to follow/stalk me on other sites that's cool. Just tell me who you are/where I know you from. I can be incredibly dense at times and not make the simplest of connections.

I adore superhero comics and am a Girl Wonder in-training. I'm a DC girl at heart, but Marvel is getting pretty interesting. That is the street-level NYC heroes. I'm pretty current on Batman and Teen Titans, too. OH, and apparently I have terrible taste in comics. Except for Solomon Stone.

Fashion-wise, I get periods of being stylish, but I'm mostly relaxed and casual. Though I dislike jeans. Dress pants and khakis for me. I have a fatal weakness for waistcoats and to sweater vests (which are totes casual waistcoats) to an extent. It's classy, functional, mobile, and you just look damn good in them.

I've lately become a TV junkie and watch Supernatural, Chuck, The Big Bang Theory, Fringe, and Castle. I also ADORE the BBC (I'm an Anglophile, in Canada, okay?) and keep up with Doctor Who, Sherlock, Merlin, and Being Human. Defunct things that I still love: Firefly, Dollhouse, Avatar: The Last Airbender.

Fandom? I only involve myself with Sherlock, Doctor Who and superhero fandom. I don't dare near Supernatural for my own safety.

Last and most definitely not least: MUSIC. As stated I'm Canadian and have immense pride over our indie acts. I love The Arcade Fire, Metric, Controller.Controller, and Stars. My musical tastes are pretty eclectic and evolves over time. Right now my taste can be somewhat described as arty-disco-rock-indie, but really anything with a good beat, synths or a female singer will pique my interest.
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